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My name is Draconet, or Draco for short, but you can also call me Daniel(or Dan or Das).

When I daydream I imagine myself as a dragon, free, flying through the skies with my powerful wings.
My likes: Dragons, Spyro, Video games, drawing, writing, watching movies, living free, Sonic the hedgehog, and Kingdom Hearts.
dislikes: Racism, dragon slayers, lies, the suffering and murdering of inocents and ignorant persons, and backstabbers...

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............. </3

No need to worry now guys

...I'm done...bye
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............. </3

No need to worry now guys

...I'm done...bye
  • Mood: Hurt
Found out about this cool contest :)

It's about capturing your dreams on either: Traditional and Digital art, Photography and Artisan crafts

For more information about it, go and check the journal bellow this paragraph 

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Hope you all get tons and tons of candies
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  • Listening to: Life is Strange OST Obstacles
  • Reading: Spyro related Fanfics
  • Watching: The sky, for my freedom
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The Tale of Silverwind


It was a dark night at the city of Skypeak, a city in between the mountains, safe from anything and from anyone who had any plans against it and its inhabitants.

The city itself was a marvel of the architecture, designed by dragons, and built by many species from the world. It was designed to resist sieges and invasions for various decades. From dragons, to wolves and felines, and to many more, this was one of the many cities that served as a sanctuary from their enemies.

Shadows, creatures from the deepest abyss, they were heartless creatures that only raged for war, blood, death and souls. Ten years ago, an evil and twisted silver dragon named Soulless, using this hideous creatures aid desolated the continent of Alneria, attacking cities and villages, thousands were killed or lost their souls.

Then lastly he attacked the dragon city of Skypeak, he sieged the city for three months, until he finally managed to trespass the wall and attack the cities inhabitants. But unlike the other cities that fall to the twisted silver dragon’s attack, Skypeak was ready for his arrival.

The Dragon Protectors and their students, the last line of defence of the city and of the world, they fought bravely and managed to stop Soulless and his army for once and for all, but to a really high price. Many of the city’s inhabitants died at the battle, including some dragon guards, the Dragon Protectors from that time and some of the students. The battle was named `The Battle of the Crimson Peaks´.

After the battle the races reconstructed their damaged cities and villages and managed to finally live in peace, but even in this times of peace the new Protectors knew that he’ll return, they knew that Soulless and his dark servants will return to finish what he started. And they where right, they where right.

Because even when the night seemed peaceful, it was filled with it’s creatures, and some of them weren’t quite peaceful at all.

Some Shadows walked silently at the night, following orders from their new masters.

–There it is– One of the creatures replied –Remember, we only have one mission–

The other hideous creatures listened carefully, they already knew what they have to do, but because of their blood thirst nature, they needed to be remembered of their objective.

–The Silver Dragon egg–

At the main fortress of the dragon city, the dragon guardians recently went to the hatchery to see how were the dragon eggs, as it was their duty, not only to protect the world and it’s inhabitants, but also to protect the next generation from their enemies and from those that had any evil plans against the world.

–Did the dragon guards checked that there weren’t any shadows at the surroundings of the city?–

–Yes sir–

One of the dragon guards, a rookie, was having a small conversation with one of the Dragon Protectors, the wind protector Nightwind, an adult black dragon with a feral appearance, as they walked through the corridors of the fortress, in direction to a reunion with the other protectors to see how things were going at the continent.

Ever since the shadow forces attacked the protectors decided to always be vigilant.
The other three protectors went to gather information about shadow activities at other cities and villages from Alneria, while Nightwind stayed at the city, checking that there weren’t any nearby shadows to the city. But he also stayed at the city because of something even more important.

–And the Silver dragon egg?– Nightwind replied.

–Safe and sound at the hatchery–

–It’s not safe enough– Nightwind sighed –Be sure to take it to the Chamber of the Ancients–

–Sir?– The dragon guard asked, he noticed the black dragon somehow suspicious of something

–I have a feeling that the egg will be safer here–

–Okay sir, right away– He gave a bow to him and went to the nearest exit, but before continuing forward he stopped in his tracks and turned his gaze to the wind protector

–Should the other eggs also get moved from the hatchery?–

–No, the other eggs are safer at the hatchery, as long as the silver dragon egg is away from the hatchery nothing bad will happen to the others–

–Understood– The dragon guard resumed his exit from the fortress, to go and take the egg from the hatchery and take it to the fortress.

Nightwind resumed his walk to were the other protectors where.

Without him or the dragon guard had any idea, they where been heard by one of those dark creatures.

–Hmm– He replied silently with an evil smirk on its face –Those are interesting news– The shadow soon vanished from sight before anyone could see it.

At the meeting hall, a huge chamber located at the base of the fortress, the other elemental protectors were waiting for the arrival of their fellow companion and leader.

-Things are looking grim as time passes- One of the protectors, a green earth dragon replied, he went to the northern territories of the continent to observe any changes at the recent shadow attacks at the northern realms. -Shadow attacks have been increasing at the northern territories, there have been various casualties-

-Things aren´t different at the south- Another one of the protectors, a blue water dragon, replied -I recently returned from the south territories, and there has been constant shadow attacks at the villages, they have been searching at the hatcheries for you know what-

-Our allies require answers as well- The last one of the protectors, a red fire dragon replied
-I went to the wolf territories and they have been also receiving constant attacks from the shadows-

-The shadows have been also attacking the wolves?- The earth dragon replied somehow confused and worried.-But why would they attack them?

-They didn't know why, Shadows just began their attacks against the wolves 3 months after the shadow attack against the North Realms- The fire dragon explained

-And what about our other allies?- The water dragon asked -We do need there help in case of an invasion-
-We haven´t had any news from any of them…we might right now start to believe that we are right now on our own- The fire dragon replied.

The doors from the chamber opened, Nightwind entered to the chamber various minutes late.

-Sorry for the delay, I had to do some changes before coming to the reunion- The black dragon replied as he took his sit with the other protectors.

-Well our situation is dire, Shadow activities have being increasing in this last 3 months…and we are mostly on our own- The fire dragon replied

-Hmm…- Nightwind gave a sigh -Let´s hope the Stars aid us on this nearby dark times…

-How is the egg doing?- The water protector asked, wanting to change of subject -It´s almost time for the silver dragon to hatch from within it´s shell-

-It´s doing great…I decided it was safer to have it here at the fortress- He replied -At least, safer for the other eggs-

-It´s understandable- The earth protector replied -With so much shadow activity the silver dragon egg will be safer here at the fortress-

-No shadow will be able to enter-

-That´s what worries me- Nightwind replied -Last time when the shadow forces attacked we thought will be safe inside the walls of the city, and by consequence the most bloody of the battles occurred, a complete disaster-

Nightwind turned his gaze to the floor, he seemed kind of depressed, he tried not to show it, but his fellow Protector companions could notice his sadness.

-Let´s just hope things are different this time- They all nodded.

Suddenly a huge explosion could be heard all around the City.

-That was the east wall!- Replied the fire protector -Near the hatchery!-

While the cloud of dust dissipated, shadows began their attack against everything and everyone, trying to claim as many souls as possible.

-Shadow attack! Sound the alarm!- Replied one of the guards that were defending the city from the attack.

The bells near the east wall began to ring constantly, warning the people from the city that the shadows were attacking the city.
As soon as the alarm was heard the entire population began to move to the nearest shelter they could find, while the guards defended the city.

The protectors at the moment of hearing the bells confirmed their suspicions, a shadow attack was occurring at the moment.

-There´s no time to lose!- Nightwind replied. He and the other protectors hurried outside to aid with the defence of the city.

-Okay everyone! Move to their nearest shelter!- Some of the guards helped the people to move to the shelters while they watched in case some of the shadows managed to trespass the main defence line.

-Everything seems calm- One of the guards, a green dragon in a brass armour, on his late 20´s kept looking everything from the top of one of the houses -Really calm-

-Okay, keep going everyone don´t stop- Almost everyone managed to arrive to their nearest shelters

-It seems everything ´s okay- The green dragon gave a sigh of relief

They were about to finish when suddenly something happened at the entrance of one of the shelters, with a group of hooded dragons.

-Huh?- The green dragon went to check what was wrong. Suddenly an dark explosion nearby sent him crashing to the ground.

-They are here?!- one of the guards exclaimed in shock.

All of the remaining dragons ran away to their shelters, all except the hooded dragons, whom they revealed themselves as shadows.

-What the in the blazes of…?!- The guard never finished his sentence as the shadows killed him instantly taking away his soul.

Shouts and roars of pain and sorrow could be heard, various got killed or gravely injured. The protectors where flying nearby when they noticed the destruction the shadows had caused.

-Dear Stars?!- The fire protector exclaimed -We have to help them!-

-No time to waste- Nightwind replied

-Volatilus- The black dragon replied to the red dragon -You and me will go and aid at the wall near the hatchery-

-Richterus- Nightwind turned his gaze to the green dragon -You and Typhorus go and help the guards to vanquish the shadows that have trespassed to the city.

-Understood- Richterus replied, he and Typhorus went to aid the guards, while Nightwind and Volatiles kept flying in direction to the hatchery.

The armoured green dragon coughed, he stood up after he recovered his senses. Grunting in pain he hold his head for a moment.

-That hurt…- he replied. He saw how the shadows attacked and killed various of his comrades in battle -Okay, now that´s enough!-

Using his elemental control over the earth he casted various earth blasts against some shadows that had a very low guard, killing various of those hideous beasts in the process. Some of the creatures noticed how the guard managed to finish with various of there brethren.

-Damned dragon!- The shadow growled. Various of the shadows went to lunge at him, trying to stop the dragon guard´s attack.

-Huh?- He got sent away against a near wall, his helmet flew away from his head a couple of meters before it finally could stop moving. He stood up groaning in pain -You monster!-

The shadow laughed with mischief and evilly in its tone. It turned its horrendous gaze to the dragon, he got closer to him, ready to strike him down.

-I would like to stay and chat a little bit more with you dragon- The shadow grinned evilly -But unfortunately I have to tear you to pieces, farewell-

The hideous creature prepare to finish him off, but this shadow was out of luck. The shadow got pierced by an earth shard that pierced the beast from its back through its chest killing it instantly. The beasts body collapsed nearby the guard.

-Are you okay?- The guard turned his gaze. He had been saved by the earth protector -Nothing broken?-

-I´m fine sir-

-I see some more over there!- More guards came to repel the shadow attack.

-I better go and help them- He bowed to the protector and went with the other guards -Thank you sir-

-Just take care- He gave a sigh of sorrow.

-That was him?- Typhorus replied. He landed nearby the earth protector

-Yeah- Richterus replied -It has been some tine since I last saw him-

-We better aid the guards before things get nastier in this sector of the city- Typhorus nodded

Both protectors went to fight against the hideous invaders.

-Don´t let them get inside!- Various guards got in front of the hatchery, ready to defend it with their lives from the hideous creatures of the darkness -We must defend those eggs they are our future! Lets defend our future with our lives!-

A group of bloodthirsty shadows began to form, as more and more shadows entered through the broken wall. Many died trying to stop them from entering into the city.

-Charge!- one of the shadows exclaimed.

Everyone of the shadows charged against the group of dragons that bravely defended the hatchery. The guards fought bravely, but in just a coupe of minutes most of the group had fallen against the shadows. It didn´t matter if they killed a dozen or some hundred, they always came back as thousands and thousands. The dragons were forced to take cover at the hatchery and block the entrance with some crystal barriers summoned by some of the earth dragons that were on the group.

-They just keep coming!-

The gate suddenly began to crumble, some cracks appeared at the barriers.

-Damned beasts!- The gates crumbled again. It seemed like the shadows would manage to enter into the hatchery.

-Let them get in, we will protect this place with our lives!- Everyone nodded. They took their battle stances.

The gate crumbled again, the barrier was about to fall. Then, no sound came from the door.

-Huh?- They looked curious to the gate -It stopped..-

They got closer to the gate, with caution as they knew that the shadows were still outside. Some bright lights could be seen coming from the protected windows.

-What´s going on?- One of the guards went to check to see what was happening outside. He gasped in awe at what he was seeing. The lights keep getting brighter and repetitive. Everyone had to shield there eyes with their wings.

-What was that?- The guards got closer to the window to see what the guard had seen.

-They are here-

There were various slain shadows nearby the entrance to the hatchery, some of them burnt, some of them sliced and even some turned into a pile of ash.

Both protectors of wind and fire stood at the entrance of the hatchery at their battle stances. The shadows that tried to take them out didn´t last neither a minute alive against both dragons since the mastery from each dragon on their respective element wasn´t a match for any of the hideous creatures.

-They are…quite persistent- Volatilus replied -I´ll give them credit for that-

-Indeed- Nightwind dodged a dark energy blast from one of those monstrosities, he countered with an air slash blast killing the shadow instantly -But that won´t be enough to defeat us-

Another group of shadows tried to take them down, they lunged at them with their claws ready to tear them to pieces.

Both dragons charged their respective elemental attacks in their jaws. Time seemed to slow down to everyone, hen suddenly the protectors released their attacks against the shadows, they didn´t stood a chance against the powerful dragons. At the moment their attacks touched them the shadows were turned into dust.

-Wow!- the guards at the hatchery replied in awe.

Almost all of the shadows got turned into dust since the elemental power of both protectors was strong enough to wipe out the entire group of those hideous monstrosities, some others were sent flying to nearby walls or against the ground, getting either gravely injured or nearly death.

-Damned dragons!- one of the shadows that survived the devastating double attack cursed -We are getting destroyed by them-

-Call the Big guy-

Another of the shadows shouted a disturbing cry to the air. At the beginning nothing seemed to happen, until the cry was answered by another one coming from nearby.

Suddenly various bits of darkness slowly began to gather nearby both dragons, at the beginning they didn´t understood what was happening, until they heard the same cry coming nearby and some dark clouds forming at the top of both dragons
-Dodge?!- Nightwind exclaimed. Both protectors dodged just in time a dark thunder that stroke where both dragons were moments earlier.

-That was close- The fire protector gave a sigh of relief

-It isn´t over!-


A huge dark figure began to form. It was reptilian, a dark armour covered the creature as well as the darkness that came from its body.

-Oh no!- The guards knew what had suddenly appeared in front of the protectors -No, not the Juggernaut!-

The shadows stood up, they watched as the massive figure known as Juggernaut finished materialising in front of them, they grinned to the protectors.

-Cursed shadows!- Volatilus replied in anger.

The Juggernaut summoned from the darkness a huge axe to fight against the dragons, without wasting time the huge berserker stroke his axe against the dragons. They managed to dodge the attack, but when the weapon hits the ground a shockwave is sent directly against Nightwind.

-Watch out!- The fire protector shove away his comrade from the secondary attack, receiving the attack that the wind protector was supposed to receive.

-Volatilus!- The fire protector got sent flying against the blocked entrance to the hatchery, he groaned in pain.

-Damn it!- Groaning in pain and coughing some blood -That really hurt-

The Juggernaut laughed evilly, its voice sounded ethereal.

-Weakling…- Nightwind turned his gaze to the wicked creature, he barely dodged the swing of his axe, the weapon caused a gash on the black dragon´s face. Blood began to fall from his injury.

The shadows got carried away by their instincts when they saw dragon´s blood getting spilled everywhere. They were suddenly silenced by the Juggernaut´s cry.

-If anyone dares to interfere in this fight I swear I´ll crush you!-

The black protector noticed that the massive creature wasn´t focused on the fight. He took his chance and attacked the monster with one of his elemental attacks, he send the massive monstrosity flying and crashing against the group of shadows that remained, killing some more shadows in the process. The fire protector finally managed to stood up. The back dragon went to check how he was.

-Anything broken?- The wind protector asked.

-I´m okay, just a little shaken but I´ll live- The Juggernaut stood up ready to fight again -And you?-

-Just a tiny cut, nothing to worry about-

The huge armoured reptile stroke his axe against both dragons again, trying to finish them off alongside the gate.

-Oh no you won´t!- The wind dragon used the wind to create a barrier to block the attack of the huge lizard -Volatilus! Fire!

The fire dragon smirked to the huge armoured creature. The creature didn´t had any escape.

-Time to end this!- Volatilus summoned a fire explosion from his jaw, the energy of his attack turned the creature´s weapon into ashes, it also caused heavy damage on the creature itself.

The shadows and the guards each watched in awe as the creature stood still, but then it collapsed defeated and slowly dying because of the injuries and burns the destructive attack caused. The hideous creatures filled with fear and terror flee away from the city after seeing that there massive general had been slain by just a couple of dragons.

-Retreat! Retreat!- Every shadow that survived ran away from the city to parts unknown. Every dragon cheered as they saw how the shadows escaped from the city indicating their victory over the dark forces.

At the center of the city after the last shadow was slain everyone began to cheer and roar as they knew that they have finally defeated the dark creatures.

-Victory is ours!- The guards celebrated

The gates to the hatchery where opened after the shadows fled away. The fire protector checked the survivors.

To everyone´s dismay the dark creature laughed evilly.

-It´s still alive!-

-Foolish dragons!- The creature keep laughing evilly -All of you…are really dumb…-

-What do you mean beast?- Volatilus asked -Speak!-

-Do you really thought…- It coughed as it finally perished-…that the hatchery was our objective?-

-Wait if the hatchery was just a distraction then what where they…?- Nightwind gasped as he realised their mistake -The silver egg?!-

Everyone of the guards that kept the fortress safe were dead. Some shadows managed to infiltrate into the building, searching for what they have been told needed to be destroyed, the silver dragon egg.

-The General said that they took the egg into the one of the chambers of this place- one of the shadows replied -It must be at the centre of the fortress-

The various shadows revised every chamber in the fortress, destroying everything that was at their sight. Searching for their objective. They were getting frustrated as they began to destroy the massive castle.

-Where the heck is that damned egg!- They soon noticed something behind one of the broken walls of the castle, it seemed like a gate, that was hidden behind a wall. They could feel a powerful force behind it. They all smirked.

-Destroy the gate- All of the shadows charged a mighty dark energy blast. They launched their attacks causing massive destruction. The gate flew through the air until it crashed against the floor. The dark creatures entered to the room with caution since they could feel a really powerful creature nearby. The chamber itself was huge and ancient, it had various stained glasses that told various stories from either past heroes, or ancient prophecies.

-We are getting closer-

They walked a few couple meters until their gaze stumbled upon something that caught their attention, it looked like an ordinary stone, but this one was slightly bigger and shined when the light touched it´s surface. It had a silver coloration with some marking engraved on it, it was the ancient symbol of the wind element.

-That´s the egg!- One of the shadows got closer to the pedestal where the egg was laid-I´ll take care of it-

The shadow began to charge a powerful dark energy attack, powerful enough to destroy the egg.

-Sorry, but you are too dangerous to be kept alive- The shadow replied sadistically

-Good riddance Prophecy Dragon-

The powerful dark attack flew fast through the room, until it reached its objective and exploded, apparently destroying the egg.

-Mission accomplished-

-I´m sorry…- They heard a voice coming from the inside of the chamber, the hideous creatures turned their gazes to see the black dragon holding the silver egg on his arms -…But this child has to live-

The shadows growled, seeing that they have failed to destroy the egg.

-Damned dragon-

They tried to escape, but most of the shadows got destroyed by a fire blast from the fire protector, who wasn´t alone since he went to gather some guards to finish with the remaining shadows that where attacking the fortress.

-It´s over monstrosity- Nightwind replied

Everyone of the guards charged their respective elemental attacks. The shadow smirked.

-Perhaps you have win this battle fool, but not the war- The dragon guards finished charging there attacks -Mark my words dragon, the Prophecy Dragon´s days are numbered-

The shadows got destroyed and turn into ashes. The dragon were victorious, the silver dragon egg remained safe. But at the cost of losing many lives and souls from their various dragon comrades.
As both protectors walked outside, the black dragon holding the egg on one of his arms, the sun began to appear in the horizon.

-We can´t protect it here- The black protector thought -The egg is no longer safe here-

The various inhabitants of the city began to rebuild the city, while those that loss their dearly beloved in the various shadow attacks mourned their fallen fathers, sons, brothers and sisters.

-Just like 10 years ago we managed to defend the city and vanquish the shadows- The wind dragon replied -But just like a decade ago, we lose so many brave dragons, but now all because of the egg-

-Nightwind…- Volatilus replied concerned on his friend

-And what are your thoughts on the subject?- Typhorus asked, curious to know what will their leader will say -Should we double the guards at the walls and gates?-

-No, we can´t continue risking everyone at the city- They all looked confused to their leader -The silver dragon egg must be sent away from the city before the shadows know about this-

His companions turned their gazes shocked to see their leader taking such a drastic choice. This caused a discussion between the all of the protectors. The fire protector noticed the depressed look on his leader´s face, it seemed that he tried to fake it, but it failed since he knew what he was thinking on that moment.

-Even if we could get the egg away from the city- Richterus explained -To where will we send it?-

-We can´t just send it to any place right now, specially when the shadows recently attacked us-

-Indeed- The water protector replied -Right now they could be expecting us to move the egg to another place or with one of our various allies-

The black dragon took his paw to his chin and thought what to do with the egg, it was important to know what will happen next with the future of this egg. They all depended that the dragon within the egg could finally bring the lost balance back to their world.

-Now we need to think carefully where to move the egg-

-There´s someone that can help us- The wind protector replied -But I need everyone´s trust in me-

Various hours later at the night. There were at least ten black dragons at the west and east gates from the city, five at each gate. Everyone of them was holding a satchel with a round object inside of it, with the appearance of an egg. They all seemed nervous as they were about to exit the gates, possibly into the clutches of the shadows.

-Okay everyone, we´ll open the gates- A guard replied the same instructions at each gate -Remember your mission and everything will be okay-

The gates began to open a couple of moments later.

-May the Stars be with all of you-

After the gates opened, without waisting time, they all flew away to the skies, each of them into a different direction, into the unknown of the darkness. The guards immediately closed both gates after everyone of the black dragons exited the city.

Just after they left the city nothing happened, but minutes later at the sky they could be seen various elemental and dark energy explosions. The black dragons fought against the shadows with bravery, keeping their satchels with themselves, avoiding to lose their contents.

-Destroy the egg!- The shadows destroyed almost all the bags of each dragon, trying to finish with the silver dragon egg.
Various of the brave dragons got killed or injured in the battle, most of them returned to the city.

-They were all decoys!- One of the dragons was flying northwest away from the shadows, he still had his satchel intact -Cursed dragons!-

-There he is!- They pursued him, desperately trying to finish with him and the egg.

Miles away from Skypeak at the southeast of the city. Both the fire protector and the wind protector exited the city through a secret tunnel, which is used only for evacuations or emergencies.

-I can´t believe it worked- Volatilus replied in disbelief -No shadows at sight-

Nightwind had a satchel like all of the other black dragons, but this one did contained the real silver dragon egg.

-I´ll be back in a couple of hours- Nightwind extended his wings, getting ready to fly away -After that we will review what to do next-

-Night?- The black turned his gaze to his friend -Are you sure you want to do this buddy?-

The black protector gave a sigh of sadness.

-He can only be safe with her- He closed his eyes for a moment -But…if I´m wrong…-

-You won´t be…-

-May the Stars be with you-

He took flight in direction to the southeast, miles away from Skypeak, hoping to find the help he sought for. He attempted to fly low, trying to avoid been detected by any shadow that could be patrolling nearby the area.

After various hours of pursuing the black dragon they managed to trap the black dragon, in the top of the waterfall, between the frontier with the Northern Realms and Skypeak. He had various broken bones and bleeding injuries covering his weakened body. There was nowhere else to flee.

-Damned shadows…- He grunted in pain. He stood in his battle stance, at the edge of the waterfall.

-There´s no escape dragon- The hideous creatures got closer to him -Give us the egg and perhaps we will let you live-


The shadows lunged at him, when he then tried to fly away. He wouldn´t go far since his wings got broken when the shadows tried to destroy the bag. He tried to recover his footing at the edge, but he was already to late to save himself, he loss his footing and fall to his death against the rocks, his bloody body and the satchel went to rest at a near fallen tree trunk.

They followed his trail until they found him and their objective. After one of the shadows went to take out the supposed silver egg, they soon realised that he was also another decoy. They weren´t joyful at all.

The dragon tried to stand up and flee, but he was suddenly pierced from his back through his chest by one of the generals.

-Well, it seems we have found our dinner- The shadows growled to the horrified dragon as they drooled some acid to the ground.
Moments later they could be heard the painful shouts from the black dragon as he is devoured by the dark creatures. Sorrowly, none of his fellow dragons will hear his shouts as he is slowly eaten. One of the worse ways to die for a dragon, as a prey.

Miles away from the tragedy, at the southeast, Nightwind managed to arrive safely with the silver egg to the city of Naya, the shadows won´t look at the egg here since Naya isn´t part of the allies of Skypeak.

Fifty years ago a Civil War occurred within the continent,by consequence of this the Northern Alnerian continent got split in two, the Northern Alliance Territory; conformed by the Cities of Skypeak, Crux; located nearby to Skypeak´s territory, at the Southeast of Skypeak, and some of the remaining cities from the Northern Realms, and the Southern Alliance Territory; conformed by Naya, the Free Cities of the South, located at the north of the Southern Alnerian continent, and some of the remaining cities from the Ancient Realms, located at the west of Naya.

-I must be careful- Using the darkness of the night he infiltrated to the city without troubles.

He flew low and fast, trying to arrive to the place he was looking for. After some more minute he arrived to the coast without been seen by any of the city guards. In his gaze he could see a couple of islands nearby the coast, the one closest to the land was the Origin Isle, and the one that was farther away was Fate Isle.

He went and flew straight to Origin Isle. He walked in the beach with a unique feeling of peace and tranquility, sensing that there was no danger nearby he just kept walking into the path that was in front of him, the path went trough a tropical forest. A couple of minutes passed after he entered to the forest, until he found the place that he was looking for.

-There it is- He thought as he keep moving forward until he stopped on his tracks at the entrance of a huge building made of the stone from the isle.

At the front of the building there was a post that read `Naya´s Orphanage´ bellow that there was something else which said `For the lost children seeking home´.

He took the egg from the satchel and place it at the door, he also left a note nearby the egg with special instructions for the dragonet´s care, that could hatch in any moment.

-I´m sorry little one- The black dragon let loose some tears, feeling guilty as he didn´t know if he would be safe at the orphanage -I…I wish, I really wish I could have done more for you…I hope that you can forgive me one day-

He nuzzled the egg before leaving. He knocked at the gate.

-Farewell young one, may the Stars guide you- Before he could began to cry he flew away from the orphanage´s entrance up into the dark sky, disappearing without leaving a trace.

Shortly after he left, the gate of the orphanage opened, from the gate an adult blue dragoness took a look outside from the orphanage to see who had knocked the gate, she couldn´t see anybody at all.

-Hello?- She replied as she opened the gate completely -Anybody there?-

No one replied to her question. She was about to close the gate, when suddenly she heard some strange sounds coming from below herself.

-Dear Stars!- She exclaimed in surprise after seeing that there was a silver dragon hatchling crying alone at the entrance of the orphanage, there was a note nearby the poor abandoned hatchling. She took him inside the orphanage to aid him, he took the note with her tail before closing the door.

That day she didn´t knew it, but she had just saved what one day could become into the one who could bring back balance to their world. That moment would come in time, for that moment the young one would rest until time comes for the him to save them all.
The Tale of Silverwind - Prologue
After various months, yes months, I always have had troubles with either procrastinating myself, several family issues, troubles with friends, or family, or even seeing that the story wasn´t great enough I decided to finally upload the story...

Here we have the Prologue of the story The Tale of Silverwind.

I would like to thank my various friends here in DA that have been aiding me as I keep getting better as a writer and as an artist,
:iconsassydragon18: (Thanks a ton Sassy <3 )

And to my other many watchers, who are all awesome :D

I would also like to dedicate this story to my late and dear friend :iconkalexshi:, since he gave me the wings to not give up this project of mine, and also to keep flying higher.

Hope everyone can enjoy this story. 

*Edit: Oh, by the way, kind of late to add this but well...
Once you read the part in which the guy arrives to the island listen to this soundtrack while you do it…

Story, Characters (c) Mine :icondraconet:
Song: "At Rest" (c) Kevin Macleod


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